Get to know Sean Cetrano (@cheetofishing)

Get to know Sean Cetrano (@cheetofishing)

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Get to know Texan angler Sean Cetrano (@cheetofishing) by reading his answers to five fishing questions from us!

Preferred fishing spots

Where do you prefer to go fishing? Lake, river, or the sea?

Sean doesn't have much access to the sea, and there aren't many nearby rivers where he lives in North Texas. As a result, Sean prefers to fish in lakes. "The lakes around here are some of the best in the world," Sean reasoned.

Advice to beginner anglers

What advice would you give to beginner anglers?

Sean's first piece of advice for beginner anglers is, "Don't be overwhelmed by all the different techniques and methods." Additionally, he encourages finding what works best for yourself and counsels against focusing on another angler's technique. The best way to get started, according to Sean, is by learning the basics until you discover the method that suits you best — and then sticking to it.

Getting into fishing

What got you into fishing?

For Sean, it was his grandfather that introduced him to fishing and provided him with many memorable fishing moments. Sean recalled the first fishing trip he ever went on, during which they managed to catch approximately 60 trout while fishing in the Utah mountains! “It was a day I’ll truly never forget,” Sean said.

Dream fishing spot

If you could fish anywhere in the world, where would you go?

When we asked him where he would go if he could fish anywhere in the world, Sean replied that he would choose the Amazon. Sean is particularly enthusiastic about fishing in the Amazon because of the diversity of species that can be discovered and caught there. “The unknown out there is what really draws me in,” Sean said.

Above all, however, Sean looks forward most to catching the giant peacock bass. The speckled peacock bass, the biggest species in the Cichla genus, can grow up to 13 kilograms (29 pounds) in weight and 1 meter (3.3 feet) in length!

Forgettable fishing tools

What is something you always forget when you go fishing?

When asked what he always forgets when he goes fishing, Sean couldn’t think of anything specific. Sean admitted that he frequently forgets things as he leaves the house, despite being absolutely certain that he has them. “Still working on that,” Sean added.

If you're interested in daily bass fishing content, be sure to follow Sean's Instagram and TikTok accounts. You can also use his code CHEETO20 to save 20% on Baitium fishing apparel when you check out!



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