Get to know Eli Guryanov (@norcal_angler)

Get to know Eli Guryanov (@norcal_angler)

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Get to know Eli Guryanov, who fishes all over Northern California, as he answers five of our fishing-related questions below! Read on to learn more about his fishing favorites and adventures.

Biggest catch

Biggest or heaviest fish that you've caught?

Eli’s biggest catch was a largemouth bass weighing 9.12 pounds! The average weight of a largemouth bass can range from 1 to 5 pounds depending on its habitat and surroundings.

Fishing for a lifetime

How long have you been fishing?

Eli is one of many people who can attest that fishing can be a lifetime passion. “I started fishing as soon as I could hold a rod in my hand,” Eli shared.

Family of fishing

Who taught you how to fish?

“My father taught me how to fish,” Eli replied.

As you can see in his Instagram post, Eli and his father continue to bond through fishing, and he places high importance on spending time with loved ones. “[R]emember that our time on this world is limited. Value and love the people around you. Cherish the moments of fishing with your friends [or] family,” he wrote.

Crazy catch

Have you ever been fishing and caught something that isn't fish?

Eli recalled his craziest catch: a $400 rod and reel set that he fished out of the bottom of a lake. “What a great day!” Eli said.

Favorite fishing gear

Favorite piece of gear?

Eli loves the Baitium hooded sunshirts. “They are a lifesaver on the California Delta when summer temperatures reach [more than] 100 degrees,” he reasoned.

If you’d like to give one a try yourself, be sure to check out Baitium’s UV Protectant Long Sleeve Performance Fishing Shirts! They have a built-in neck gaiter and UPF 50+ sun protection to keep you safe while out on the water. Neck gaiters can be worn in a variety of ways to suit your needs and can shield you from harsh weather whether you're fishing in hot or cold conditions. Learn more about the benefits of neck gaiters here. You can use Eli’s code NORCAL20 to get 20% off at checkout on any of our products, so try them out now!

Subscribe to Eli's YouTube channel to see more of his work, where he posts videos with different fishing advice and adventures! Make sure to follow him on Instagram and Threads as well for more updates.



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