Corn as Fishing Bait: Pros, Cons, Rules, and Alternatives

The use of corn as fishing bait has been a favorite among anglers, whether pro or beginner, for quite some time. The common golden grain is a go-to for catching a variety of fish, won't burn a hole in your pocket, and can be used in a bunch of creative ways. But it’s also caused a lot of confusion and controversy among fishing enthusiasts, because of two reasons: one, some states have specific regulations in place about the use of corn as bait or in chumming, and two, because of concerns surrounding its impact to the environment and on fish.

Why Fishermen Wear Neck Gaiters

Just like everybody else, we anglers have personal preferences. Live or artificial bait? Saltwater or freshwater? Catch and keep or catch and release? Despite these differences, though, some of us do still share some similarities as fishermen: one of them being the fact that we wear neck gaiters when going out on fishing trips.

Cast Far, Catch More: Why You Should Consider Using Braided Fishing Line

The angler's world is full of choices, and among these, the braided fishing line is a versatile tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. With its unique blend of strength, sensitivity, and versatility, it might just be the missing piece of fishing gear in your tackle bag. 

Minnow Traps Made Easy: Effortlessly Trap Live Bait for Fishing

After having been fishing for so many years, I've come to appreciate the many tools and techniques that enhance the fishing experience. Among them, the minnow trap holds a special place. Now, you might wonder what's so exciting about a device that catches tiny fish? And why do you need a minnow trap when you can just buy bait at the local tackle shop?

How To Catch Trout

Unlock the secrets to catching trout! Dive into trout biology, select the right gear, and fish where they love to hide. Apply proven trout strategies and watch your success soar.

How Can I Catch Bigger Fish?

Let's dive into the question we all have: How can I catch bigger fish? We'll explore everything from choosing the right gear and tackle, to finding the hotspots where the big fish hang out, and even what to do when you've got a real heavyweight on your line.

Wacky Rig Fishing: From Setup to Catch to Retrieval

Get ready to explore one of the angling world's secret weapons: the wacky rig! This clever little technique has earned a spot among the favorites of seasoned pros and beginners alike. But what makes it so special? It all comes down to performance.

Kayak Fishing: Maximizing Your Adventures on the Water

One of the most versatile ways to maximize your fishing adventures is by using a fishing kayak. This small, lightweight boat can take us to fishing spots that would be impossible to reach from the shore or a larger boat. Learn about kayak types, kayak fishing tips, how to choose the perfect fishing kayak, and kayak fishing safety tips.

How to Catch Walleye

Catching walleye is all about adapting to the conditions and trying out different techniques. Whether you're into jigging, using live bait, or bobber fishing, there's something for everyone. Don't forget to take into account factors like water temperature, season, and the time of day. By following these tips and techniques, you'll increase your chances of reeling in that prized walleye. So gather your gear, hit the water, and get ready for an exciting adventure in walleye fishing!

How to Catch Carp: Exploring The Fishing World's Hidden Gem

Carp fishing is often overlooked in favor of more glamorous species like trout, bass, and salmon. But let me tell you, fellow anglers, there's a whole new world waiting to be discovered beneath the surface. Catching carp requires a unique approach that combines patience, skill, and a deep understanding of their behavior. It's a thrilling game of strategy and finesse, where every move counts.

Hooded Fishing Shirt vs. Traditional Shirt: Which is Right for You?

Before you rush out the door, have you given a second thought to your outfit of the day? And no, I don't mean selecting the perfect hat for your fishing selfie. Your clothing choice can actually tip the scales between reeling in a fish or two, or coming home with nothing but tall tales. Your attire when fishing plays a major role in determining your comfort and how well you're protected from the elements. Whether it's the relentless sun, persistent bugs, or unexpected wind gusts, having the right gear can mean more time spent focusing on the fish and less on the weather forecast.

Essential Summer Fishing Tips, Tricks, and Tactics

As the sun cranks up the heat, it's tempting to leave our fishing gear to gather dust. It's no secret that our fishy friends tend to slow down, much like us humans sipping lemonade and hogging the air conditioner. They get a little touchy, maybe even a bit grouchy when the water starts to feel like a simmering soup. Not the ideal mood for them to go nibbling at your lure, huh?

The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Fishing Shirts

Discover the top factors to consider when choosing the perfect fishing shirt, including material, UPF protection, moisture-wicking and quick-drying technologies, comfort and fit, style, and price. Enhance your fishing experience with performance fishing apparel tailored to your needs.

Fishing Photography: Tips, Gear, and Techniques for Perfect Shots

Capture the thrill of your fishing adventures with stunning photos by mastering fishing photography techniques. Discover tips, gear recommendations, and strategies to make your fishing memories unforgettable. Learn how to choose the right camera, frame your shots using the rule of thirds, and work with natural light.

How to Use Topwater Lures: Advantages, Types, Functions, Ideal Conditions

Topwater lures are a type of lure designed to float on the surface of the water, imitating prey like insects, frogs, or wounded baitfish. The whole idea is to entice fish to come up and strike from below. Compared to other types of lures, topwater lures are pretty unique. They float right on the water's surface, and it's super exciting to see fish strike them!

Fishing Near Me: How To Discover and Navigate The Perfect Local Fishing Spots

If you're like me, you've searched "fishing near me" countless times, and often end up frustrated because the search results aren't always super helpful. So in this guide, I'll share some tips to finding that perfect local fishing spot that ticks all your personal boxes and makes for an awesome time out on the water.

How Intelligent Are Fish?

Have you ever heard the term "goldfish" used to describe someone with a bad memory? This comes from the myth that fish, particularly goldfish, have a three-second memory; but did you know this isn’t true? Fish are actually pretty smart! Check out some fishy facts below to see just how intelligent fish are.

Fishing Etiquette 101

Ah, the joys of fishing—rising early, equipped with a thermos of coffee and the optimistic anticipation of outwitting a fish. It’s a sport that offers numerous health advantages, encompassing both physical and mental aspects that contribute to one's overall well-being


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