Performance Fishing Gear
With A Purpose.

Voted top 3 fishing apparel of 2023.
Made from 95% Recyled materials.
Ultimate sun protection made for any occasion.


Premium Quick Dry Material

Custom Blend Silky Soft Feel

UPF 50+ Anti-Sunburn Protection

Made From Eco-conscious Materials

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Calling all fishermen and fisherwomen! Whether you're on a boat, land, sea, underwater, surf, pier, lake, or even braving the icy depths, we understand your passion. At Baitium, our mission is simple yet powerful. We aim to create fishing apparel that not only looks good and feels good but also aligns with your everyday wear needs.

But that's not all‚ÄĒwe're committed to making a positive impact on our planet. Our dedication to sustainability led us to utilize recycled materials in our clothing. Yes, you heard it right! Some of our fishing shirts are crafted from recycled plastic water bottles. By choosing Baitium, you're not only getting high-quality gear, but you're also contributing to the preservation of our oceans and wildlife.

Join us in our quest to combine style, comfort, and environmental responsibility. Whether you're reeling in a big catch or simply enjoying time with friends, our eco-friendly fishing apparel has got you covered‚ÄĒliterally and metaphorically. Experience the difference that sustainable fashion can make and be part of the movement towards a cleaner, greener future.

contribute to
the clean sea

products MADE
out of recycled Water bottles


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