5 Questions with Amy Rod (@reely_rod)

5 Questions with Amy Rod (@reely_rod)

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“Happiness is a day on the water,” says Amy Rod, a bass fishing enthusiast from Florida. Read on as she answers our five fishing-related questions below!

Saltwater vs. freshwater

Saltwater or freshwater?

Although she appreciates a good day of saltwater fishing, freshwater is where her heart truly lies, according to Amy. “There’s something about the surroundings of a body of freshwater that draws me in,” she reasoned. In addition to that, she’s typically fishing largemouth bass, which is why she prefers freshwater.

Biggest catch

Biggest or heaviest fish that you’ve caught?

“The largest saltwater fish I’ve caught was a decent-sized spinner shark, caught and released in St. Augustine, Florida,” Amy answered. Spinner sharks can attain a maximum length of 9.8 feet.

Amy also shared another unforgettable catch and her personal best: a largemouth bass weighing 6.5 pounds. “Seeing a bass that size for the first time was an incredible experience,” she remarked. Since then, Amy has been striving for 7-pounders and higher.

Getting hooked

How long have you been fishing?

Amy told us about how she began fishing as a child with her family on her grandfather’s farm. “I have to say, my early days of push-button Zebco’s didn’t really hold my attention,” Amy recalled.

“It wasn’t until I met my husband in high school that I became hooked,” Amy said. She described how she and her husband are passionate about getting out there and learning everything they can. “And of course, having fun,” Amy added.

Curious catch

Have you ever been fishing and caught anything other than a fish?

“Yes, other than fish, I’m an expert at snagging trees,” Amy answered jokingly. Fortunately, she hasn’t experienced catching anything that isn’t fish, but she observed, “I’ve had a few curious gators try to [steal] my lure, though.”

Favorite gear

Favorite piece of gear?

Amy said that her Dobyns Fury Series 7'0” rod and Shimano Stradic reel are her favorite pieces of equipment because they are the ideal combination for what she is trying to accomplish. “The Stradic can smoothly launch any lure and the Dobyns holds up to any fish,” she explained.

“My favorite baitcaster, the Lew’s LFS, comes in at a close second,” Amy added.

If you’d like to see more of Amy and follow along with her bass fishing adventures, check out her Instagram profile here! You can use her code AMY20 to get a 20 percent discount on any Baitium fishing apparel.



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