Get to know Colt Cowgill (@shenandoahvalleybassbrothers)

Get to know Colt Cowgill (@shenandoahvalleybassbrothers)

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Say hello to Colt Cowgill, a fan of smallmouth bass and a regular at the Shenandoah River. Here's a peek into Colt's fishing life, where every day is a new adventure.

His Favorite Fish and Fishing Spot

When asked about his favorite fish, Colt answered: “Smallmouth bass because of the fight and drive they have from start to finish!” For him, catching smallmouth bass is always a thrilling chase.

From his Instagram username alone, you can already tell that he loves fishing at the Shenandoah River; it’s where he gets his best catches. According to him, he prefers fishing in rivers because of the constant changes in the water as well as the scenery that comes with it.

His Choice of Bait

Colt likes using artificial bait because it “makes your work just a bit harder.” It's not just about catching the fish for him; it's about the skill in catching them.

Who Taught Him

Colt learned to fish from his dad: “My father passed down the love for the outdoors and I haven’t looked back since!” Since learning how to fish, his biggest catch has been a 70 lb blue catfish.

Advice for New Fishers

Colt's tip for beginners is simple: "Think outside of the box and never give up!" He believes that being creative and persistent is the key to good fishing.

For anyone looking to fish like Colt, use his special Baitium code "SVBB20" to get 20% off on your Baitium fishing gear.



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