Get to know Jay Ball (@bluejaysoutdoors)

Get to know Jay Ball (@bluejaysoutdoors)

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Are you an angler with a preference for pink? If so, you already have something in common with Jay Ball, an angler from Michigan! We asked him some questions, and you can find his responses below if you'd like to learn more about him.

Fishing for a lifetime

How long have you been fishing?

Jay is one of the people who can attest that fishing is a lifetime hobby. He has spent most of his life fishing. Jay has been fishing for 33 years, starting when he was just 5 years old.

Family of fishing

Who taught you how to fish?

Many anglers recall their first experience with fishing being taught by a parent, grandparent, or another family member. Just as they did, Jay learned how to fish from his father and grandmother.

Crazy catch

Have you ever been fishing and caught something that isn't fish?

You may have gone fishing and caught something that wasn't a fish! Jay recalled a childhood memory when we asked him if he’s ever experienced the same. “When I was a kid, I caught a mountain bike while fishing for steelhead in the Grand River,” Jay recounted.

Advice to beginner anglers

What advice would you give to beginner anglers?

“The best advice that I can give to people getting into fishing is don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to lure choice,” Jay said. He recalled that this is how he found his preference for pink lures and fishing gear. He even has a highlight dedicated to this, called “The Pink!” on his Instagram page!

Getting into fishing

What got you into fishing?

As mentioned earlier, it was Jay’s parents and grandparents that got him into fishing. It wasn’t just a hobby, either. Jay explained, “It was a way for us to put food on the table.”

His love for fishing grew as he grew older. “Over the years, it has turned from a hobby to passion,” Jay recounted.

Make sure to check his social media where he likes to share fishing tips and help fellow anglers in catching more and bigger fish. And if you want to use the same Baitium gear as he does, you can use his discount code “BLUEJAY20” at checkout!