Get to know Daniel Gross (@bentrodsandboardshorts)

Get to know Daniel Gross (@bentrodsandboardshorts)

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We got to know California-based angler Daniel Gross through these five fishing-related questions! Read on to learn more about his fishing favorites, anecdotes, and preferences.

Favorite fish

What are your favorite fish to catch? Why?

“I really love catching big lingcod,” Daniel answered, saying that he enjoys how active they are. “They hit hard!” he added.

In addition to that, Daniel also told us about a memorable experience that sparked his interest in other fish. “After my first bluefin last year though, I am hooked on tuna fishing!” he shared. “Words cannot describe how ecstatic I am to accomplish this goal!” Daniel wrote in his Instagram post sharing his accomplishment that led to his interest in catching tuna.

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Go-to fishing spots

Where are your go-to fishing spots?

Since he lives in California, Daniel likes to fish in different parts of the state. “I mostly fish the Monterey Bay,” he said. Aside from that, however, Daniel also enjoys exploring remote areas of Big Sur to fish areas with less pressure.

Live bait vs. artificial lure

Live bait or artificial lure? Why?

When it comes to using live bait or artificial lure, Daniel shared that he prefers the latter. Despite that, though, Daniel said that he has “no problem slinging a bait when it’s called for.”

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Saltwater vs. freshwater

Saltwater or freshwater?

“Saltwater, hands down,” Daniel answered. He went on to say how he appreciates the variety and how one never truly knows what you might be able to pull up from the depths.

Biggest catch

Biggest or heaviest fish that you've caught?

When we asked Daniel about the heaviest fish he had ever caught, he revealed that he had caught and released a giant freshwater ray in Thailand that weighed around 440 pounds. Giant freshwater stingrays are considered the largest freshwater fish and the largest stingray in the world, and they can weigh up to 660 pounds!

On the other hand, when asked about his biggest catch, Daniel shared, “My largest fish to hit a scale was a 161-pound Pacific halibut.” Being one of the largest flatfish, the Pacific halibut can grow up to 8 feet in length!

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