5 Questions with Thomas Heinen (@thomasheinenfishing)

5 Questions with Thomas Heinen (@thomasheinenfishing)

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Get to know multi-awarded angler from Kansas, Thomas Heinen! Keep reading about him below.

Favorite fish

What are your favorite fish to catch? Why?

“My favorite fish to catch are bass,” Thomas responded. He mentioned that he fishes all black bass species, such as the largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass.

In fact, Thomas has been fishing for bass for quite a while. “I have fished for ‘em for 20 years, and I have done tournaments for 16 years,” Thomas said. He also expressed his goal of being able to fish at a professional level on a professional tour someday.

Go-to fishing spot

Where are your go-to fishing spots?

Thomas’ favorite fishing spot is Melvern Lake, located in Kansas. “I have had some good success there and it's an overall amazing lake,” he explained.

Artificial lure all the way

Live bait or artificial lure? Why?

Interestingly, Thomas has never given live bait a try before. He reasoned, “I have never been allowed to use live bait in a tournament.”

As a result, he prefers using artificial lure. “I love using artificial lures and fooling God’s creatures,” Thomas shared.

Saltwater vs. freshwater

Saltwater or freshwater?

Fishing in saltwater is also something Thomas hasn't tried before. “I have never fished the ocean or been to the sea,” he told us. “I have always fished in freshwater,” he emphasized, which is why he prefers fishing there.

Despite many years of fishing in freshwater, though, Thomas expressed some interest in trying saltwater fishing someday. “I think it would be a blast to venture out and try it, but I have too much fun in freshwater,” Thomas said.

Biggest catch

Biggest or heaviest fish that you've caught?

Thomas told us about the biggest fish he has ever caught, which is a Wilson Lake freshwater striper, weighing approximately 40 pounds at the least. “Fun to catch on light line,” Thomas recounted. The catch was impressively close to the Kansas state record, which is currently at 44 pounds.

Thomas has quite an impressive fishing career, being a 5-time State Champion, 5-time Angler of the Year, 4-time National Qualifier, and 3-time Bassmaster All-American, with a total of 28 career wins.

To stay tuned for his fishing updates, you can find his Instagram account here.

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