5 Questions with Nicki Wickins (@n_wickins_outdoors)

5 Questions with Nicki Wickins (@n_wickins_outdoors)

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Get to know Nicki Wickins, an angler from New York, as she answers various questions we asked her about fishing! Keep reading to see her answers below.

Go-to fishing spots

Where do you prefer to go fishing? Lake, river, or the sea?

Growing up, Nicki typically went fishing in small bodies of water such as ponds, but she’s grown more interested in lakes and rivers in the past few years. “I have fallen in love with the diversity of fish that can be found in rivers such as the Susquehanna River — here in New York,” Nicki shared.

Curiously, Nicki has never tried fishing in the sea, or even gone there at all!

Advice to beginner anglers

What advice would you give to beginner anglers?

“Learn your location regulations,” Nicki advises first of all. This is a crucial point to start with since fishing laws and regulations safeguard natural resources while helping anglers catch more successfully. Rules and regulations vary across states, so make sure to do your research!

Second, she also urges beginner anglers to ask questions to those with more experience, or even anyone they meet on the water. “Worst case is someone isn’t as open as you’d hope… Best case, you learn something new!” Nicki said.

Lastly, Nicki encourages beginners to explore when it comes to lures. “Don’t be afraid to experiment with lures even when it may seem silly,” she says.

Getting into fishing

What got you into fishing?

Like many anglers who learned to fish from a parent or grandparent, Nicki also grew up in a family of anglers. She described how her dad introduced her and her siblings to fishing when they were little by taking them camping on their granddad's bass fishing boat. “We’d fish during the day, and towards the end of the day, keep a few fish to cook up for dinner,” Nicki recalled. These days, though, unless she's camping, she typically catches and releases fish.

Dream fishing spots

If you could fish anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Nicki had various places in mind if she could go anywhere in the world to fish. First, for salmon, she would travel to Alaska, which is home to seven species of Pacific salmon. To catch some peacock bass, she’d opt for Florida, where the waters are warm enough for the South American native fish. For walleye, though, she would go to Michigan or Wisconsin.

Forgettable fishing tool

What is something you always forget when you go fishing?

For this question, Nicki had one answer: fishing pliers. Nicki recounted, “I swear I have about 10 that I’ve accumulated, yet I also lose them or forget them.”

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