5 Questions with Mark Graziano (@markgrazianofishing)

5 Questions with Mark Graziano (@markgrazianofishing)

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We got to know Pennsylvania-based angler Mark Graziano through these five fishing-related questions! Read on to see his fishing favorites, stories, and tips.

Favorite fishing spots

Where do you prefer to go fishing? Lake, river, or the sea?

Residing within the Great Lakes region, Mark prefers fishing in lakes. The Great Lakes are a collection of large, interconnected freshwater lakes located in the eastern part of North America consisting of Lakes SuperiorMichiganHuronErie, and Ontario. He highlighted Lake Erie and Lake Ontario as his favorite fishing locations as they are abundant with steelhead, salmon, walleyes, and bass. “I also love fishing for musky in so many of the inland lakes near the Great Lakes,” Mark added.

Advice to beginner anglers

What advice would you give to beginner anglers?

Making connections, in Mark's opinion, would be highly beneficial for beginner anglers. He encourages beginner anglers to get tips from the top local anglers and ask for advice. “Most good anglers are willing to give you tips about the fishing in their area, and if you're lucky, maybe they'll even take you with them,” Mark reasoned.

Getting into fishing

What got you into fishing?

Mark started fishing thanks to his brother. He recounted how his brother, who is 13 years older than him, began taking him fishing when he was a child. This went on as he grew up; when Mark was a teenager, they bought a boat, and their fishing began to take a more serious turn. “I worked with him for a while on his boat but I got my own boat and pursued my own fishing interests, which is always hunting bigger and better fish,” he told us. Mark’s brother eventually became a charter boat captain and is still operating charters on Lake Erie today.

Dream fishing spots

If you could fish anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Unlike others who would typically respond with a place they hope to visit someday, Mark instead picked a location he has previously been to — Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. “There is nowhere on the planet that is better for bill fishing,” he described.

Forgettable fishing tools

What is something you always forget when you go fishing?

According to Mark, there isn’t just one thing in particular that he always forgets when he goes fishing. “There are so many things to remember, I always seem to forget something,” Mark said.

For example, Mark told us about how he occasionally forgets to bring the net, and it always seems to happen when he gets a big catch. Additionally, he's made the mistake of forgetting to plug the boat in when launching it a couple of times. "That can make for a bad day," Mark added.

Another thing he frequently forgets to bring, however, is sunscreen. “But now with my Baitium Performance Shirts, that isn’t a problem anymore,” Mark said. “They really do protect you from the sun.”

Do you also forget to pack sunscreen but want to stay protected while fishing? Take a look at our UV Protectant Long Sleeves and give them a try yourself! You can use Mark’s code MARK20 to get 20% off at checkout on any of our products.

In addition to fishing, Mark also likes to go hunting. If you’d like to stay tuned on his fishing and hunting content, check out his Instagram profile here.



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5 Questions with Mark Graziano (@markgrazianofishing)

We got to know Pennsylvania-based angler Mark Graziano through these five fishing-related questions! Read on to see his fishing favorites, stories, and tips.