Hot Fishing Trends for 2024

Hot Fishing Trends for 2024

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Key takeaways

  •  Techniques like Bait Finesse System (BFS) and hover strolling are gaining popularity, offering new approaches to lure fishing.
  •  New rods and reels in 2024 enable greater accuracy and distance, with smoother drags and lighter designs.
  •  There's a growing trend towards personalized fishing equipment, tailored to individual techniques and preferences.

The world of fishing is changing rapidly. As we move into 2024, several key trends are emerging that will shape the future of recreational angling and the fishing industry. From advances in gear and technology to some fishing techniques gaining more popularity over others, these changes are transforming the overall experience and practice of fishing.


As anglers, it pays to be on top of these trends. Those who adapt to and embrace these changes will find rewarding new experiences out on the water. Meanwhile, those who fail to evolve risk being left behind, missing out on both the excitement and opportunities that modern fishing brings.
By monitoring these kinds of gear advancements and community shifts, you can remain agile as an individual angler.
Let’s check out today’s hottest fishing trends:

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Fishing gear trends in 2024

Smarter trolling motors

First up, electric trolling motors are becoming smarter and more efficient, with new trolling motors for saltwater environments becoming available. Integrated GPS and sonar allow unmatched control and positioning. Quieter, lighter designs also expand versatility for anglers.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Another major trend is the rise of lithium iron phosphate batteries for boating and fishing. This signals a shift toward more efficient, safer, lighter weight power sources. These batteries offer anglers extended run times and reliability.

fishing trends 2024

Advances in Fly Fishing Gear

For fly fishing pursuits, new rods and reels enable greater distances with more accuracy than ever. Reels have smoother drags and advanced line management, while lightweight rods improve handling in lengthy battles.

fishing trends 2024

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Ice Fishing Innovations

In the ice fishing arena, portable shelters, underwater cameras, and electronics make for a more comfortable and effective experience. Safety advances in ice augers and gear also lower barriers to participating in this specific kind of fishing.

Forward-Facing Sonar and Hyper-Realistic Lures

Additionally, forward-facing sonar and hyper-realistic lures allow anglers to  understand underwater terrain and mimic specific prey species more precisely than ever. When paired together, this niche gear provides a serious edge.

Customized Fishing Gear

Personalization is a growing trend in fishing gear. Anglers now seek equipment that aligns with their specific techniques and preferences. Manufacturers are responding to this demand by offering personalized products, enabling fishermen and fisherwomen to fine-tune their equipment to their exact needs.


Fishing technique trends in 2024

Growing interest in specific fishing techniques have been quite notable lately, and will likely continue into 2024. Two of these are the Bait Finesse System (BFS) and hover strolling.

Offering finesse approaches to lure fishing, the Bait Finesse System (BFS) refers to using specialized lightweight baitcasting gear to fish finesse baits and techniques that would normally require spinning tackle. Originally developed in Japan to target highly pressured trout and bass that demanded finesse presentations, BFS allows anglers who prefer baitcasting gear to utilize its advantages like better hooksets, control, and accuracy while still throwing light lines and lures.

Another technique that is gaining more fans is hover strolling. Also known by a bunch of other names, including hover shotting or spine rigging, hover strolling involves rigging a soft plastic bait with a nail weight and specially offset hook to create a side-to-side darting action when twitched, allowing the lure to be worked slowly at the same depth without rising.

hot fishing trends 2024

Hover strolling excels at triggering neutral, pressured fish that view traditional lures dropping through their strike zone with suspicion. Purpose-built hooks, jigheads and integrated rigs are addressing earlier tackle limitations. While best for clear water and specific casting targets spotted on electronics currently, rather than covering water, versatile anglers are proving hover strolling's deadly potential for smallmouths, largemouths and panfish.

These two techniques are opening new possibilities for anglers to explore and master.

Demographic changes

Fishing in 2024 is not just about the gear and tackle, but also about the changes within the angling community. For anyone involved in the sport - from casual hobbyists to industry professionals - it’s important to understand these shifts.

Fishing has been seeing a resurgence in popularity in the past few years. This surge is part of a broader trend in outdoor recreation, which has become an increasingly vital part of the national economy. For recreational anglers, this means more opportunities for community-building, resource sharing, and the potential growth of the sport as a whole.

fishing trends 2024

Also, as urbanization increases, fishing as a sport is compelled to adapt. The challenge and opportunity is to make fishing experiences convenient and appealing to city residents. This could involve creating urban fishing programs, collaborating with local clubs to increase access to nearby waters, and ensuring tackle shops cater to the needs of urban angles. There is immense potential in integrating fishing into the urban lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the projected growth in diversity within the United States presents a unique opportunity for the fishing community to become more inclusive and representative. Efforts must be made to connect people from various backgrounds with fishing, emphasizing its universal appeal – a way to spend quality time with loved ones, relax, and enjoy nature. Breaking down barriers and stereotypes can lead to a richer, more diverse community of anglers.

Sustainability and conservation

There is a growing concern among anglers about sustainability and environmental conservation. Anglers are adopting eco-friendly practices like catch and release, using barbless hooks, and sustainable bait.

Gear is also evolving to be less harmful, with lead-free weights and biodegradable lines. Efforts to conserve water habitats are growing, involving cleanups and habitat restoration.

Advocacy for stronger fishing regulations is also rising. Technology aids in conservation through apps and platforms for data collection. On the other hand, the fishing industry is responding with eco-friendly gear and sustainable product sourcing.



What do all these mean for fishing?

These fishing developments present promising opportunities along with rising expectations for anglers. Those embracing innovation can gain serious advantages—from integrated systems for finding fish to customized gear aligning with specific techniques. However, staying cutting-edge requires dedication of both time and money.

Many trends reflect enhanced experiences—accurately locating trophy catches with advanced electronics or smoothly landing them with balanced drags. Yet heightened precision targeting also surfaces ethical questions around preserving the essence of the sport: What is fair and balanced? How do we maintain the thrill of uncertainty while benefitting from technological improvements? Can innovations expand inclusion?

fishing trends 2024

Aligning both classic and state-of-the-art fishing values will define relevancy moving forward. Thoughtful adoption of gear improvements and technique breakthroughs should widen rewarding access when possible rather than narrowing participation. If anchored in conservation and community building, technological progress need not come at the expense of fishing's soul.

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