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5 Fishing Apps You Should Check Out Right Now

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Fishing is an age-old sport. A lot of the skills you need for a successful day out on the water, like understanding tides and currents, knowing which bait or lure to use, or what time of day to catch certain species of fish, are things that anglers have tried to master for thousands of years. But guess what? We live in an era where there are apps for everything, and yes, that includes fishing.

Fishing apps are designed to help you get the most out of your fishing experience. By providing you with the information you need, you can focus on relaxation, the thrill of pursuing and catching, or bonding with friends and family.

Check out our favorite fishing apps in the list below.

 Fishidy: Fishing Hot Spot Maps, Reports & Tips


Fishidy combines the power of social connectivity, interactive fishing maps, and data from thousands of waterways in the United States to give you information on the best fishing spots. With Fishidy, you get to log your catches and share them with the Fishidy community. You also get to save your fishing spots on the map, and either share them or keep them private. It is also packed with useful information, like weather forecasts, fishing reports, and waterway activity. If you’re looking for more detailed information, like GPS coordinates and depth contours, it also has a premium version that offers these features.


Fishidy on the App Store

Fishidy on Google Play



Fishbrain - Fishing App


Fishbrain is another app with a community of anglers that shares data on catches and fishing locations. On Fishbrain, you can input the species you want to catch and discover the closest spots to find them, according to other anglers. It also offers maps with contour lines and underwater structures, plus weather trends, allowing you to precisely plan your strategy. Information on marinas, bait shops, and license vendors can also be found on the app.


Fishbrain on the App Store

Fishbrain on Google Play



ANGLR Fishing App for Anglers


ANGLR is another all-in-one fishing app that features a social network and features that allow you to plan and record your fishing trips. Its features include live broadcasts from other anglers, fishing challenges, and shared insights. Real-time weather data, water patterns, and fresh and saltwater contour maps are also available. ANGLR seamlessly syncs to the Apple Watch, virtual rods, and Lowrance units for smarter fishing data and monitoring.


ANGLR on the App Store

ANGLR on Google Play



Pro Angler Fishing App - Fish like a Pro!


ProAngler connects you to veteran captains, tournament winners, and other angling authorities to help you raise your game. It also has info on weather, tides, fish species, fishing regulations, and top fishing spots—inshore, offshore, or nearshore. It even has recipes and a guide to fishing knots. According to the makers of the app, ProAngler has something for you, whether you’re a novice or a pro.


ProAngler on the App Store

ProAngler on Google Play



Anglers' Log - Fishing Journal

Angler’s Log

If you’re a no-frills angler who doesn’t want all the bells and whistles of all-in-one apps, then maybe Angler’s Log is a better fit for you. Angler’s Log is just that—a fishing journal where you can record, track, analyze, and share your catches. You can categorize catches by species, location, bait, and more. There’s also a feature to log your favorite fishing trips and analyze your success with its stats feature. It’s also easy to share your catches with friends.


Angler’s Log on the App Store

Angler’s Log on Google Play


For a lot of people, fishing is a chance to take that much needed break away from screens and reconnect with nature. But with all these tools available, there’s no doubt that anglers are seeing the value in apps in finding fishing success.

What about you? Do you use apps when fishing? Which ones are your must-haves?

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