Fishing Season for Walleye, Pike, and Pickerel Opens May 1 in New York

Fishing Season for Walleye, Pike, and Pickerel Opens May 1 in New York

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The fishing season for walleye, Northern pike, pickerel, and tiger muskellunge in New York begins on May 1, according to an announcement made today by the state's Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Interim Commissioner Sean Mahar. New York boasts exceptional coolwater fishing opportunities, with many lakes and rivers known for their abundant walleye and aggressive pike and pickerel populations.

Walleye, the largest member of the perch family, are highly prized by anglers for their delicious taste and challenging catch. Adult walleye typically weigh one to three pounds, but the state record, caught from the St. Lawrence River in 2018, is an impressive 18-pound 2-ounce giant. These fish can be found in more than 140 waterbodies across the state.

The DEC's Bureau of Fisheries recognizes catches of big sportfish through the Angler Achievement Awards program, which has been updated for 2024 with new rules, prizes, and submission methods, as well as an expanded list of eligible species and a new youth angler category.

To prevent the spread of harmful aquatic invasive species, the DEC reminds anglers to properly clean, drain, and dry their boats, trailers, waders, and other fishing equipment after use. Many counties, towns, and villages have laws prohibiting the transport of aquatic invasive species on boats, trailers, and equipment. Boat stewards are available at numerous public boat launches to assist with inspections and provide guidance on responsible fishing practices.

Interim Commissioner Mahar expressed hope that all anglers will find time to enjoy the fishing opportunities in 2024 and encouraged experienced anglers to introduce someone new to the sport. Anglers can visit the DEC's website for information on where to go fishing for walleye, pike, and other coolwater sportfish, and check out the Tacklebox feature of the HuntFishNY app. Those who enjoy eating their catch are advised to review the latest New York State Department of Health Fish Advisories for 2024, which include more protective statewide advice for some species.

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