Cheaters' Prized Fishing Boat Hits Auction Block

Cheaters' Prized Fishing Boat Hits Auction Block

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A high-end fishing boat, forfeited by convicted tournament cheaters, is now up for grabs in a government auction.

The vessel, valued at $130,000, was surrendered by Jacob Runyan and Chase Cominsky as part of their sentencing for fraud in a Lake Erie walleye competition.

The duo's scheme to use weights to inflate their catch weights unraveled spectacularly, making national headlines and ending their shot at a lucrative "team of the year" title.

Ohio's Division of Wildlife now offers the 2022 model boat, complete with motors and trailer, to the highest bidder.

Interested parties can view the boat in Sandusky, with bidding starting at $25,000.

The auction, closing on July 23, 2024, represents the final chapter in a scandal that rocked the competitive fishing world.

Runyan and Cominsky's actions cost them not only their reputation but also potential winnings exceeding $28,000 from various prize pools.

Their jail sentences, handed down in May 2023, marked a stark fall from grace for the once-frontrunning team.

The case serves as a cautionary tale for would-be cheaters in the high-stakes world of tournament fishing.

Prospective buyers have until late July to place their bids on this notorious piece of fishing history.
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